Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program




Grace Lomax
Program Clinical Coordinator
Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program (DMSG)

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program (DMSG)

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program PDFDiagnostic Medical Sonography Program

Due to the amount of feedback we have received from students, we are delaying the launch of the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program until Spring 2020 to allow sufficient time for students to complete the necessary prerequisites.  The current application cycle will be closed. 

The application cycle for Spring 2020 will open September 3, 2019.

We will continue to develop affiliation agreements with local facilities.  The number of students accepted for Spring 2020 will be based on the number of clinical sites established at that point in time.

We will still be holding an information session on:

Wed. 12/05/18, 6:00-7:00pm
S-104, Allied Health Building

What is a Sonographer?

The Sonographer functions as a healthcare provider who, working under the delegated authority of the supervising physician, serves as a medical imaging professional providing clinically relevant information to assist the physician with the diagnosis and treatment of patients. The Sonographer role and responsibilities include providing diagnostic medical sonography services and its various clinical specialties. The Sonographer activities are performed consistent with their education and training, and in accordance with facility policies and procedures and applicable professional standards.

DMSG Program

The Certificate of Achievement and Associate of Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography prepares students to meet the healthcare needs of their community in the imaging field as professional Diagnostic Medical Sonographers. The program prepares the student for certification as a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (RDMS) with the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS). The RDMS credential is designed to certify competence in the field of diagnostic medical sonography. Training includes abdomen, obstetrics/gynecology, small parts, doppler techniques and an introduction to vascular ultrasound. The program in Diagnostic Medical Sonography runs for 18 months, including one summer session and one intersession.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program is to prepare qualified medical imaging practitioners who uphold the highest level of ethical patient care while demonstrating competent technical practices.


  1. How can I get more information about this career and the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program?
    Because we have hundreds of inquiries from prospective students, general information sessions are provided at Mesa College on a regular basis throughout the summer session and fall semester. Please check the Mesa College website for location and time of available sessions, and again prior to attendance for any scheduling changes that may occur. http://www.sdmesa.edu/allied-health

    Attendance at an information session prior to applying is highly recommended.  These are times we have arranged to clarify the process and answer questions for prospective students.
  1. How do I find out if courses I’ve taken are equivalent?
    Work with an academic counselor at your college or here at Mesa College (contact info on page 1). Please confirm equivalencies with an academic counselor than merely assume the classes will transfer or are equivalent.
  1. What kind of background issues affect eligibility?
    All public records affect background. Hospital affiliates use their own human resources policies for determining eligibility. Although there is no “list”, per se, available to the program, denial of eligibility can be expected for applicants with histories of recent (single incident) or multiple (anywhere in history) DUI’s, substance abuse or recklessness. Denial of eligibility can be expected for applicants with any kind of history of violence, sex crimes, theft (any type) or criminal weapons use, no matter how recent. There may be additional types of crimes not mentioned here that would result in ineligibility. San Diego Mesa College Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program uses American Data Bank (Complio) for all background, drug and immunization tracking. The student incurs the cost of the Complio system.