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MAAP Counselor/Coordinator
Kristina Carson
Room: I4-303
Phone: 619-388-2672

General and MAAP Counselor

Terrance Hale
Room: I4-303
Academics & Athletics Program San Diego Mesa College
Mesa Academics & Athletics Program

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Mesa Academics & Athletics Program

MAAP Mission Statement

The Mesa Academics and Athletics Program (MAAP) at San Diego Mesa College empowers student-athletes to identify and achieve their educational, career, athletic and personal goals. The support program guides student-athletes to obtain an educational degree while meeting California community college and/or transfer eligibility requirements. MAAP aims to motivate student-athletes to succeed in the classroom, the athletic arena and in the community. 

MAAP Goals

  • To assist student-athletes in the identification of educational, career, athletic and personal goals
  • To empower student-athletes to reach academic, career, athletic and personal success
  • To increase retention, graduation and transfer rates of student athletes
  • To encourage each student-athlete to develop independence, self-advocacy and to mature mentally emotionally, physically and athletically.
  • To create an environment within the intercollegiate athletic program that promotes academic achievement.
  • To provide CCCAA, NCAA, and NAIA resources.
  • To maximize the academic potential of student-athletes by providing an atmosphere that enhances learning skills, career development, and personal development. This will be done by encouraging the student-athletes to:

Enroll in a Personal Growth course, utilize free tutoring services, and use the student services on campus (i.e. Transfer Center, Career Center, Counseling and others).


1) MAAP or General Drop-in Counseling (i.e. quick questions, abbreviated Ed Plans, petitions, basic eligibility)

2) 1 hour MAAP Counseling Appointments (i.e. long term planning, AA, transfer, in-depth CCCAA/NCAA.NAIA eligibility, personal and career counseling)

3) MAAP Hot Spots for Student-Athletes

This is a Counseling drop-in service just for student-athletes in the Exercise Science Building (i.e. quick questions, certain petitions, pre-requisites, next semester planning)

Summer Hot Spots are coming ... More to come, stay tuned.

with Marc Hollman in L-114B 

June 19th and 20th: 9am-12:30pm & 1-5pm

June 22nd: 9am-12pm & 12:30-3pm

June 28th: 9am-5pm

June 29th: 9am-3pm

with Martin Moss in L101H

June 28th: 9am-5pm

June 29th: 9am-3pm

Beginning July 1st to end of fall 2018:

MAAP Hot Spots with Terrence Hale and Martin Moss: 

Terrence Hale, located in EXSC 203

Days and Times TBA

Martin Moss, located in L 101H

Wednesdays: 9am-1:30pm

Fridays: 9am-3pm

* See Getting Started section of this website for more info (specifically Step 8) and/or call the Counseling Department for the MAAP Counselor's availability at 619-388-2672.  Clck here for more info. 


Hello Future/Current Mesa Olympian,

My name is Kristy Carson and I am the Mesa Academics and Athletics Program (MAAP)/Athletic Counselor at San Diego Mesa College.

I am here as a Counseling resource so I may assist you in your journey at Mesa College.

If you would like to know more about this student-athlete support program and/or want to be on the MAAP list serve please fill out the following questionnaire below: